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When we did not know where and what to do, you helped us out with a short sale on our house and made the process easy for us and was very helpful. Thanks!

-Tom and Cheryl Frost
I needed to get rid of a house and you were able to make that happen. It was much better than ending up with a foreclosure. You did all of the negotiating with the lenders. All I had to do was supply the documents requested and fill out the forms. STL Real Estate did everything else.

- Sean White
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Looking to Buy a Foreclosure?

There are many things you need to know first.

  • How to Get A List of the Foreclosures
  • How to Finance the Project
  • How to Get Money from a Lender For Repairs the Property Needs
  • How to Get Trustworthy Contractors to fix up the house for you

Having purchased and sold more than 50 houses already in my lifetime and helped countless others purchase homes as well, I’ve learned what you are really looking for when you say you want to buy a foreclosure…

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